Social Media Trial Promotion for Nonprofits

Social Media Trial Promotion for Nonprofits

Do you want to grow the awareness of your nonprofit organization?

Well of course you do.  More awareness leads to more funding leads to more donations and gives you the ability to help more people and do more good.  And we would love to help!

It is estimated that there are over 10million registered nonprofit organizations Worldwide.  How does your organization stand out and effectively deliver your message so it gets heard by the right people?

Using social media as a communication tool is both effective and budget friendly.  We have worked with many nonprofits and charities to help them grow their awareness and engagement so that they may reach their goals.  Many we have worked with have reported:

How Social Media Can Benefit Your NonProfit

  • higher donations
  • more corporate sponsors
  • more volunteers and happier volunteers
  • more strategic alliances through the communities they serve
  • the ability to increase the services they offer to help more people and do more good

We would love the opportunity to work with your organization to achieve similar results.  So where do we start?  We are pleased to offer this special promotional package for a limited time to nonprofits and charities for Social Media Marketing.

Our Social Media Trial Package is only $99/month

Our trial package includes 2 social media posts per week to 2 social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.  It is a great way to get used to working with our team and get comfortable with our processes so we can grow together.

ONLY $99/MONTH for 3 months. (renews after month 3 at $149/month)

Set up fee (regular $99) WAIVED for nonprofits #BecauseWeCare

Interested?  Contact us below and one of our team will get back to you within 24 hours to answer any questions you might have and to help get you started!