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Nonprofit Feature: Pride At Work

Nonprofit Feature: Pride At Work

Nonprofit / Charity / Organization Name Pride at Work Canada/Fierté au travail Canada
Location National organization – Toronto-based office.
Website www.prideatwork.ca
Social Media Links LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube
Main contact name Luis Augusto Nobre – Marketing & Communications Coordinador
Email info@prideatwork.ca
Current goals of your organization LGBTQ2+ people in Canada face significant barriers to employment and advancement in the workplace. It is estimated that between 5-12% of the Canadian population identifies as LGBTQ2+, but are over represented in our country’s homeless population (25%). Without the supportive network of their families, many LGBTQ2+ youth find it difficult to get their first job. The 2020 Trans Pulse Canada Survey showed that while 89% of trans people have at least some college or university education, about half make $30,000 per year or less.

Through dialogue, education and thought leadership, Pride at Work Canada/Fierté au travail Canada empowers Canadian employers to build workplaces that celebrate all employees regardless of gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Our learning, networking and community events happen across the country, advising, celebrating and connecting the most inclusive Canadian employers. We help private, public and nonprofit employers to create safer, more inclusive workplaces that recognize the skills of LGBTQ2+ people. The vision we share with our employer members is a Canada where every individual can achieve their full potential at work, regardless of gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

Current challenges Engagement with some of our stakeholders.
How can people help? Employers: becoming a partner and leveraging the benefits of the membership

Employees: using our resources and attending our member-only events.

General audience: joining our public event and using the resources.

Everyone: educating themselves and celebrating everyone at the workplace regardless their gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. 

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