Nonprofit Feature: Capital Integral Charitable Foundation

Nonprofit Feature: Capital Integral Charitable Foundation

Nonprofit / Charity / Organization Name Capital Integral Charitable Foundation
Location Ottawa, Ontario
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Main contact name Vanisha Mistry
Email [email protected]
Current goals of your organization We started this charitable foundation in 2018 to give back to the community we live and work in. In 2020 we entered a 3 year agreement to raise funds for the School Breakfast Program in partnership with the Ontario Network for Education. Our goal is to raise $225K over three years for the School Breakfast Program, which is equivalent to over 225,000 meals for children in need. 
Current challenges Through no fault of their own, thousands of children and youth arrive at school hungry. This is a serious problem, because hungry students can’t learn. As food costs and food insecurity rates soar, demand for the breakfast program also grows. In the past 3 years alone, 35 schools and 1,000 breakfast participants were added to the program. There are many reasons why a student might be at risk of coming to school hungry, and one of the most important reasons is family income; in fact, 1 in 5 children in Ottawa live in poverty. Research confirms that children and youth who eat a healthy breakfast engage more in class and perform better academically. They also have better attendance, and fewer behaviour issues. In Ottawa, 90% of principals surveyed agree that students who participate in the program appear happier and more engaged in their daily learning and activities.

Our current challenge as an organization is widening our audience to raise more awareness about the importance of nutrient dense breakfasts for children, as well as raising funds. 

How can people help? It takes as little as one dollar a day to provide a child with breakfast. You can help by making a donation on our website and staying engaged with us on social media where we will share all of our upcoming fundraising events.


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