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Duffrenmedia cares work with non-profit companies started with one person's passion, Sarah Clarke. As an entrepreneur with a big heart and fuelled by examples of human kindness, she felt the need to help non-profits succeed.

Therefore, Supported by a team of similarly dedicated experts whose values align with her own, Sarah is always looking for new ways to support the community. Furthermore, as a busy Mom, Entrepreneur and citizen has devoted a great deal of her time to volunteering in the community. Most notably with the Orangeville Food Bank over the past several years.

Additionally, As Owner and Founder of Dufferin Media, she is a business leader in her community, equally enjoys her volunteer work and has forged strong relationships with other media organizations. Companies such as Snapd Dufferin, Dufferin News, and organizations throughout the UK and North America.

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After having worked in the industry for almost ten years, Sarah Clarke founded Dufferin Media in 2012 with the goal of providing small and medium-sized businesses with social media management, internet marketing support, website design and accessibility services and website audits. Realizing that small business owners are often focused solely on the day-to-day operations of running a business, Dufferin Media offers business owners a talented group of online professionals with the expertise they need to succeed in a digital environment. Dufferin Media has since grown to service a large number of organizations both locally and internationally and their passion for business and entrepreneurship is evident in all they do to help clients establish and achieve online business growth goals.

Learn More About Dufferin Media Cares:

Taking the core of her business practice one step further, Sarah Clarke knows that just like small business owners, charitable organizations and non-profits need a strong social media presence to be successful. After running a contest in both 2019 and 2020, encouraging community organizations to apply to receive a full year of free digital marketing services; (1) Sarah’s dream to create an organization that could do all of this – and more – was born with the creation of Dufferin Media Cares. Through two distinct platforms, Dufferin Media Cares will promote the online presence of charitable organizations and create a platform for those same organizations to share their expertise with others.

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Dufferin Media Cares – Favourable Rates Initiative

Dufferin Media Favourable Rates

Our special “Favourable Rates” program will provide a range of digital marketing services at, or lower, than competitively priced similar organizations. If you’d like to learn more, call, text or email us today to ask how we can custom tailor a solution for you – all at a FAVOURABLE RATE!

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Dufferin Media Cares Together

As part of our commitment to you, we funnel fully 10% of all sales of our digital marketing services and 10% of all membership fees back into our “Together We Care Giving Program.” These funds will then be shared equally amongst ALL member organizations.   

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Dufferin Media Cares Members Platform*

Sign up now for your one-month free trial membership where charitable organizations will be provided with an exclusive opportunity to share, learn, grow, support and prosper together.

Dufferin Media Cares will host a community platform for member organizations to share resources including educational opportunities, networking, best practices, fundraising tips and tools, and more.

Dufferin Media Cares will host and moderate a Q&A platform for discussion amongst members, getting you the answers you need to succeed!

Dufferin Media Cares will host educational webinars for members, providing information of value and “news you can use” to help your non-profit agency grow and prosper.

*To find out more about our members-only platform, follow the link to “Membership”